Foundation Wees een Kind is the foundation behind the children’s home Wees een Kind in Malang (East Java) and is only run by volunteers.


The goal of foundation Wees een Kind is to give underprivileged children in Indonesia a future . In our children’s home there is room for orphans but also for children  who do have  a father and/or mother, but due to circumstances their parents are not able to take care of their child. We not only want to give these children a house, we want to give the children a home.

“Give underprivileged children in Indonesia not only a house but a real home”


We are convinced that education can break the circle of poverty and we believe that education will give the children a future. That is why we want to stimulate our children to dream of a future, what do you want to be when you grow up, what do you want to achieve? We want to offer all our children the opportunity to realize their dream, whether that is a professional footballer or a dentist.


100% profit?! Yes, for our children. Because all income from donations, collections, markets and our hostel goes to our children. We only work with volunteers, so we don’t have to pay any salaries. Every income we receive is invested in the children, the maintenance of the house or set a side for education.


We are mainly dependent on donations from individuals and companies. We started recruiting monthly donors in 2016, this is already possible from euro 2,– per month!

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We organize events and collections, the proceeds go directly to the foundation.

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In 2011 we opened hostel Wees een Kind attached to our children’s home. Travelers can stay the night and all income from the hostel goes to the foundation. In addition travelers can work as a volunteer in the children’s home.

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