Hostel Wees een Kind


Hostel Wees een Kind opened in 2011, the hostel is attached to our children’s home. The goal of the hostel is to use the income to finance the children’s home. Travelers can stay the night and all income from the hostel goes to the foundation. In addition travelers can work as a volunteer in the children’s home.


Jl Markisa 2
Malang, Indonesie


Malang (East Java) is located approximately 90 km away from Surabaya 875 km from Jakarta and 340 km from Yogyakarta. Malang is a large and bustling city with one million habitants.

Due to the high altitude of 339 to 662 meters above sea level, Malang is a clean and cool city. The city is surrounded by mountains (active) vulcano’s, lakes and rice fields.