Education provides a future

Education is a very important aspect in the life of a child; it gives them a foundation for a secure future. Of course children have to be given the opportunity to go to school.
In Indonesia, school fees have to be paid per month. Even, in secondary school these fees have to be paid monthly and also quarterly. The amount differs per school. Every new school year a registration fee must be paid. Because of these (high) costs many children will not be able to go to school and they do not get the chance to learn a profession. Basically, this takes away their chance on a secure future.

Children in their growth need nutritious and varied meals. Therefore we want to ensure that they will get fruits and vegetables every day.

Medical assistance
We want to put money aside for all the medical care that our children need. In Indonesia there is no health insurance. So if a doctor is needed it must be paid directly. No money means no medical help.

Here above is just a few of the necessary needs of the children. You can help us with gifts, the money will be donated to the children’s home.