About us

In 2009 we came in contact with an orphanage in Jakarta. The children lived in a shack 3 meters away from the train rails. Overwhelmed by the poor living conditions we told our children about this. Our dream, helping underprivileged children became real. Together with our children and their friends we founded foundation Wees een Kind.

Gradually it became clear that we had an own vision. That is why we decided to start our own children’s home in Malang (East Java). Attached to the children’s home we started a hostel with the goal to use the income to finance the children’s home.

Currently 15 children are staying in the children’s home. We learn them to dream about their future but also want to give them the possibility to achieve their dreams. Our vision is not only to give them a house but a real home from where they can work on their future. We are convinced that education can break the circle of poverty.

5 of our children are already graduated and 3 are going to university. We see them grow up to be young adults who know what they want to do with their future.

And that’s what we do it for!

Nouval & Hester Bachdim
Founders Stichting Wees een Kind


With five board members and volunteers that is our driving force behind the Foundation Wees een Kind. Many of us have a special relationship with Indonesia and share the same dream, do something for the large amount of orphans and underprivileged children in Indonesia.

All donations coming from private donations and fundraising events, will strictly be used for the foundation. That means that every euro that is being raised will be spend 100% to a better future for the children in Indonesia.


  • Nouval Bachdim (Chairman)
  • Hester Bachdim (Secretary and Treasurer)
  • Janneke v.d. Kroef (Communication)
  • Inge van Moort (Focuses on setting up and carrying out actions)
  • Jun Masfar (media)


  • Irfan Bachdim (Chairman)
  • Nouval Bachdim (Treasurer)
  • Rifat Sungkar (Focuses on fundraising in Indonesia)
  • Kemal Mawira (Focuses on fundraising in Indonesia)


  • Fardy Bachdim (Focuses on fundraising)
  • Nadia Smits (Focuses on the organization of the foundation)
  • Noufri Bachdim (project assistant)
  • Jennifer Bachdim (focuses on fundraising)
  • Suzanne Bachdim (focuses on the organization of recruiting donors)
  • Raphaela Luhulima (website)
  • Roana Luhulima (project assistant)
  • Alan Doorson (project assistant)