Foundation Wees een Kind is the foundation behind the orphanage/children’s home Wees een Kind in Malang, (East Java). At this moment there are 15 children living in our children’s home.

“Give underprivileged children in Indonesia not only a house but a real home”

In the children’s home there is room for 18 children. The children in the children’s home are orphans or are children who do have a father or mother, but due to circumstances their parents are not able to take care of their child. We not only want to give them a place to stay but we want to give them a real home.

School project Malang Wees een Kind (Education breaks the circle of poverty)

As of this year, Wees een Kind has started the education project. The children in the schooling project live with their parents. However, the parents are so poor that they cannot pay for their child’s school. The Schooling Project is looking for a sponsor for the child. The sponsor pays EUR 100 per year during primary school and EUR 135 per year during junior high and senior high. We pay the schools directly and save to give the child going to senior high a laptop and save to allow the child to continue studying. We visit the children once a year to take a picture and to see how the child and the family are doing. Lina, our contact person on site, keeps in touch with the families and the schools throughout the year. We keep the sponsor informed at least annually about how the child is doing with a short report, photo, drawing or letter from the sponsor child. If you would like to help a child go to school, please let us know. Our e-mail address is info@weeseenkind.nl




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